Uncommon Stories, Common Threads

Minus Red is a family-owned artist film studio that believes in a handmade, nonviolent approach to human connections. In the application of creativity, nonviolence means stimulating thought through reason and art, rather than through methods that attack and alienate, which are too common in media today. We look for the human story in every category in which we serve: whether corporate, nonprofit, TV, PSAs, music videos, documentaries, or original creative. Our multi-generational film team leverages story in accord with its digital evolution – employing lush cinematography, music, sound design, motion graphics, and artful editing – but also according to its origins – with homespun, daily details, and the analogue sensibilities of one person making something for another. Good cinema comes from good photography; a good journey comes from good writing; a good connection comes from good will.

Jim Hanon

Jim Hanon is the founding filmmaker at Minus Red and has been creating documentaries, feature films, short films, giant paintings, and award-winning advertisements for over thirty years. His pre-digital origins in analogue film and handmade graphics and illustration inform the style and method of our work.

Jillian Hanon

Jillian Hanon specializes in writing, cinematography, editing, and photography. She grew up on film sets, sometimes shoots weddings, and her BA in Creative Writing has been much more useful than people said it would be. She loves imaginary things and drinks an inordinate amount of tea.

Travis DeLong

Travis DeLong is a licensed drone pilot, gimbal operator, and time-lapse photographer. A New-Englander educated in Virginia, he is now a production manager and assists in all creative departments. He has an expansive knowledge of folk tales, random facts, and comic books.

Samara Hanon

Samara Hanon is a camera operator, animator, illustrator, and art director. She is completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Roger Williams University. She draws compulsively, excels in experimental photography, and is the reason we have our studio cat, Beckham.


Created in partnership with jazz legend Kirk Whalum and award-winning music producer James McMillan, “Humanité, the Beloved Community” is a feature-length documentary filmed in six countries alongside some of the world’s finest emerging artists.
Woven from the words, stories, and original melodies of an incredibly diverse cast, “Humanité” channels the ethos of civil rights in a raw and compassionate bid for global harmony.
Jazz artist Kirk Whalum was nine years old when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated fourteen blocks from Kirk’s home in Memphis, Tennessee. In a narrative spanning from his own segregated childhood to the global music scene, Kirk collaborates with artists from around the world on a musical journey that is self-aware, determined, and inextricably connected with Martin King’s vision of the beloved community.

Coming 2019.


Being a miscellany of work not-for-clients, or sometimes just slightly-less-for-clients,
because life happens and we make things.