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Jim Hanon

Jim is the founding filmmaker at Minus Red
and has been creating documentaries, feature
films, short films, giant paintings, motion
graphics, and award-winning advertisements
for over 35 years.

Sharon Hanon

Sharon is the Minus Red operations
manager, who keeps our office efficient and
lovingly stocked with baked goods. She and
Jim have been married since 1985.

Jillian Hanon DeLong

Jillian is a writer, cinematographer,
photographer, and editor. She's also Jim's
daughter and grew up on film sets.

Travis DeLong

A frequent collaborator with Minus Red, Travis
is a licensed drone pilot, gimbal operator, and
audio technician. He's also married to Jillian.
It's all in the family.

Samara Hanon

A frequent collaborator with Minus Red,
Samara is a motion graphics illustrator,
animator, and camera operator. She’s also
Jim’s daughter and the reason we have
handmade animals everywhere.

Alex Osborn

A frequent collaborator with Minus Red,
Alex is a writer, content editor, and After
Effects artist based in Nashville, TN. He’s
like family. His mom is the Hanon’s

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Our street-cinema style leverages small signatures and
small equipment-tech for big production values (anywhere).
These dots represent where we've worked so far.

Commercial Projects <-1 / #->

Minus Red is a family-owned, artist film studio.

We look for the human story in every category
in which we serve: whether original content or
on behalf of clients. Our team leverages story-
telling in pace with its digital evolution while
maintaining the homespun sensibilities of one
person making something for another.

Minus Violence

Our culture is experiencing a predominance
of media that leverages fear in order to
control. The overall result is a distrustful and
less-informed public. We work to change that.

Insight from Empathy

Powerfully told stories help us reflect and
orient to different perspectives. Stories evoke
empathy, and with empathy, insight - even
when we disagree with someone else's point
of view.

Art as Social Work

Our documentary approach creates a two-
way emotional connection. The audience
can see themselves in the humanity of a
story's characters, and those characters,
in turn, can know that they are in the minds
of others. Neither is alone.

Community First

Whatever the task, we believe that the place of the artist is in community, reflecting peoples’ experiences back to them compassionately, insightfully, and with candor.
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